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Ex - Data Scientist Cracks Code To Total Market Preeminence

How To Make Your Business Competition Proof Even If Your A Small Business Owner Looking To Outperform Corporate Giants...

Cameryn Smith

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  • CEO Alpha Global Media
  • Globally Published Author
  • Owner Of 5 Profitable Online Businesses
  • Marketing Growth  Specialist
  • Nation Wide Public Speaker
  • Business & Marketing Coach

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Author Of "Primal Marketing" Tells Your Audience...

  • How To Ethically Make Your Competitors Work For You
  • The Unfair Advantage That Gives You A Green Light To Escape Price Wars And Charge Premium Prices For Your Offers…
  • Discover the #1 Emotion That Makes People Buy…
  • How To Predict Profitability In Your Business…Before Spending A Penny…
  • 5 Ingredients For Creating A Perpetually Profitable Marketing Campaign
  • How To Make Money From People Who Say “NO”
  • 6 Quick Steps To Turning Advertising In To Profit
  • How To Find The Secret Language In Your Market So You Can Position Yourself
  • ...And Much More

Facts Are Facts...

  • Only 1/3 Of Small Businesses Survive The First 10 Years | The vast majority of small businesses fail before they ever reach profitability in their business. Most avoid advertising for fear of not turning a profit; even though advertising is the least risky medium you can take advantage of in your business...
  • A Stunning 82% Of Businesses Fail Due To A Lack Of Cash Flow | Anyone can run a business, very few know how to grow consistently each year. First rule of business is to "Stay In Business" and having strategically crafted systems in place, can mean the difference between you relying on referrals and knowing how to create consistent cash flow each month...
  • 76% of small business owners report facing marketing challenges | The old way of closing the sale is falling apart at the seams. Business owners across the country are adopting the NEW approach to marketing that's allowing them to rake back their time while simultaneously shoveling more profits in their pockets...

Sample Interview Questions

  • So Cameryn…what is primal marketing and why did you write this book? (90 Seconds)
  •  What are 2 things you should never do in marketing your business? (30 seconds)
  • How do you get your competitors to ethically work for you? (45 seconds)
  • How can I close a sale from someone who previously said “NO”? (45 Seconds)
  •  Why would premium priced offers sell more than low-dollar offers? (30 Seconds)
  • If I do my marketing online…does that mean I have to give up my offline methods? (1 minute)
  • How do I create security in my business? (45 Seconds)
  •  Why is it smarter to not try to sell to everybody? (30 Seconds)
  • What if I don’t have a business…what do I do then? (90 Seconds)
  • Is it expensive to do my marketing online? (30 Seconds)
  • Why would commercial sales strategies destroy my business? (1 Minute)
  • How important is social media in my business and why should I even give it a second thought? (45 Seconds)
  • Is it worth it to pay for advertising online or just go organic in my business? (45 Seconds)
  • What is the most deadly mistake a small business owner could make? (30 Seconds)
  • Do I need investors to start my own business? (90 Seconds)
  • Why is the OLD way of business falling apart…and how can the NEW approach make me more profitable? (90 Seconds)
  • Why is marketing considered a $10,000 per hour task (45 Seconds)

Here’s The Insider Secrets The Expensive Big Ad Agencies Don’t Want You To Discover…

The Author Of “Primal Marketing, The Blueprint To Making Your Business Competition Proof”, Cameryn Smith

The Controversies

  • You need investors to get started and be successful in business…
  • You can actually build and grow a successful business online with less then $100 even if you own a brick and mortar location…
  • Advertising is the least effective medium for generating new customers…
  • Advertising is actually the least riskiest medium you can use to generate new customers
  • You need a college education to build a business…
  • There are thousands of online resources you can use that would not only cost significantly less then college tuition, but also shorten your learning curve by getting results much faster.
  • I don’t need a website for my brick and mortar location…
  • 72% of young shoppers research online before purchasing in a store and 2/3 of in-store shoppers will check prices on their phone before making a purchase.
  • Commercial advertising mediums like build board ads are still effective…
  • states that 70% of drivers use their phone while on the road therefore audience attention is not there to drive any action.
  • Your product is only worth what everybody else is selling it for…
  • Not even close, your product is worth its positioning in the marketplace and is massively dependent on the perception it has with the market.
  • Commercial ads generate immediate sales?
  • Commercial ads like the super bowl ads actually generate the least amount of immediate sales compared to every other form of advertising.