meDear Friend,

Welcome to Alpha Global Media. The website built for

marketers and entrepreneurs who are only interested in coming in first in the sport of business.

My name is Cameryn Smith CEO of Alpha Global Media.

I help marketers like yourself grow your business with strategic primal marketing training so that you can…

Build Profitable Brands!

If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you love the freedom a growing business allows for you and your family.

But, If there was one word to describe marketing your business it would be: BORING

Alpha Global Media is anything but that.

In fact, I make sure to make everything as simple and plug and play as possible for you while you’re here.

It’s also one of the main reasons I developed a proven marketing strategy for potentially creating perpetual profits in your business with PRIMAL MARKETING.

Primal marketing was developed to help you simplify your marketing while creating the most effective campaigns and promotions your industry has ever seen.

Your time is by far the most powerful asset on your side, so that’s why you can expect easy to implement step – by – step content and training on marketing techniques that can help grow your brand online.

Even with all this, I’m just wondering…

Have you ever struggled with…

  • Building a profitable brand online
  • Selling and packaging your knowledge
  • Make this online thing work
  • Get advertising to work for you instead of against you
  • Prospecting & Cold Calling people who don’t know, like and trust you
  • No clear idea on how to integrate or build your brand online
  • Position yourself in the marketplace above your competitors

You’re not alone.

When I got started back in 2009 I witnessed both of my parents put themselves in the hospital from the stress and lack of money.

If you ever been put in a position where you felt helpless in being there for the people you love, I’m sure you can relate.

I was so driven to change the life of my family that I got into marketing at a young age and gave myself a hard knocks education in marketing online.

As my skills in marketing grew I had an epiphany that there may be other men and women out in the world struggling in their relationships from the lack of money and poor knowledge about business.

I put what I knew out into the world with my best content and 100% transparency on my results for all to see.

Soon people asked me how I changed and became successful in specific areas of marketing, so I started teaching people what I knew.

AGM was created to serve you, the wolves of the world.

Be warned of my bold and brute behavior as it’s specifically designed to attract wolves and not sheep.

You can quickly define yourself as a sheep if you were offended by my last sentence.

If you’re a wolf, you’re hungry and powerfully motivated by the previous sentence and take it as an endearing challenge for you.

Our goal here at Alpha Global Media is summed up in 4 powerful words…

We Lead The People

The mission we strive for here is to create 1,000,00 leaders with their own personal success stories on how they benefited from becoming a primal marketer.

Those who rise to the occasion and choose to lead their market are the primal marketers of the world and so I invite you to become a part of this world.

If you resonate with any of our core beliefs, I genuinely know you’re in the right place for furthering your continuous success of your business.

All right, now that the formalities are out of the way, here’s what to do next:

I would suggest you start here on our blog to get actionable weekly content on executing effective marketing strategies in your business.

Welcome to the wolf pack.


Your Marketing Man,

Cameryn Smith